Ultra Athletes

I have had my fair share of clients who participate in these ultra-sports!! And with all the running and swimming they do it’s a lot of work to keep their bodies together.

What I helped these clients with is building a ROUTINE!! For those extreme levels of activity, you have no choice but to create a recovery routine for your body to withstand all of these stresses!

Book your initial assessment and lets get to the bottom of any aches/pains that you have been ignoring! From there I will build you a custom home program of exercises, stretches, warm up/cool down techniques to keep you pain-free!

Have a big event coming up? Book in for a ‘tune-up’ and maybe another one post-event to get you back on track with your training without any hiccups!

My goal is to keep you staying active! Even if you do decide to run or swim crazy distances (no judgement). Listen to your body and don’t start when its too late!

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