Want to be More Flexible this Spring?

Want to be More Flexible this Spring?

As the weather gets nicer, there is no better time to start working on your mobility!

If you find you are more sedentary in the Winter months, it might be a bit of a shock to your body when you suddenly start upping your activity levels. 

People often think they get stiff with age, however as you get older you tend to move less, which is how the stiffness results.

If you want to become more mobile and prevent injury this Spring, try a Fascial Stretch Therapy session! This is a stretch done on the treatment table, targeting the entire body. 

What is Fascia?

  • Fascia is connective tissue that covers of your muscles
  • It has contractile properties and can become tight and therefore can impact your range of motion
  • It also can pull stress on your joints, leading to potential injury

What does a Fascial Stretch Therapy session look like?

  • For the first appointment, we will discuss your area(s) of complaints, how active you are, what your goals are etc. 
  • I will have you perform a few motions i.e. joint range of motion, strength testing and functional movements such as a squat, touching your toes etc. 
  • Next we will do a full body Fascial Stretch Therapy stretch done on the treatment table consisting of a variety of passive stretches that I will take you through
  • At the end, we will go over some take home exercises and stretches based on my findings and together we will create a plan best suited for you, your activity levels and your goals!

If you want to start your Spring activities feeling your best, book in today!