Live an Active and Pain-Free Life with Ossum Wellness!

Here at Ossum Wellness, we specialize in injury prevention techniques, Downtown, Yoga Santosha & DM Golf Performance.​ Our services and products were chosen to prevent injury, improve your strength and aid your recovery.

Fitness Integrated Therapy Classes


Feeling stiff heading into golf season? Now is the time to get your body moving to handle the stresses that golf brings!


Don’t ignore your lower back pain any longer. Here you will find the solutions for long lasting relief.


Do you have shoulder or wrist pain? Join us for a 4-week workout series.


If you are suffering from low back pain, hip pain, or knee pain, this is the class for you!

Other Services


Assessment & treatment of injuries involving muscles, bones, ligaments & joints


At Ossum Wellness, we treat musculoskeletal injuries, and thus, our cupping will be targeted to those structures.


Achieve greater flexibility and translate these benefits to your activities and sports


Fascia is the covering of our muscles throughout the entire body. FST targets the fascia in a full body or half body stretch to improve overall flexibility and range of motion


Feeling apprehensive to return to your activities after an injury? Find the right brace or compression support through this complimentary consult


Find relief and contentment at the hands of our experienced therapists. A full menu of massage, athletic and fascial stretch therapy options are available on-site


Find relief and contentment at the hands of our experienced therapists. 


Receive the best all-around care catered to their injury, mobility and strength with the golf swing in mind.



The All-in-One Golf Strength and Flexibility Guide

The All-in-One Golf Strength and Flexibility Guide is an easy to follow manual to improve your strength, endurance, flexibility and balance tailored to golf.


The All-in-One Shoulder Injury Guide

The All-in-One Shoulder Injury Prevention Guide will help to strengthen and stretch the muscles around the shoulder to achieve optimal shoulder function and prevent injury.


What Clients Are Saying

“Meg is amazing!! Came in with chronic back pain and she was able to diagnose and treat my pain more effectively than anyone ever has before.”

Emma de Groot

“Megan is amazing at what she does! She has helped me through every injury I've had. I highly recommend Ossum Wellness!!”

Steph Sinclair