Custom Mobility Plan

If you find yourself stiff and sore all of time and are unsure what stretches will help, a Custom Mobility Plan is for you!

Through a Custom Mobility Plan, I want to help you achieve greater flexibility and be able to reap the benefits in whatever activities or sports that you do.

What does a Custom Mobility Plan entail?

  1. We will set up a 30 minute virtual or in-person appointment to go over your areas of concerns, any pain you may be having, what sports/activities you participate in, what you have trouble doing etc. 
  2. I will do some movements with you either on camera or in person to see what your existing mobility looks like
  3. I will design you a custom mobility plan that I will film and send to you that you can do whenever and wherever you wish! I will create you a video that is 15-30 minutes in length that you can easily fit into your daily or weekly routine. I let you determine how long you would like your video to be.
  4. Once you receive your Custom Mobility Plan you can implement this video into your weekly routine as often as you can. A great goal would be around 3-5 times per week to help you on your way to improved mobility!

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Custom Mobility Plan

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Custom Mobility Plan


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