Kim Ruzycki, Nutrition Coach

Hi I’m Kim, Nutrition & Health Coach at Ossum Wellness. 

I want to offer you a new perspective on healthy eating, without the rules or restrictions of diet culture. With this, I want you to shift your outlook on eating, your bodies and your lives. 

Seventeen years ago I was working as a marketing director struggling with various health issues keeping me from enjoying life. Severe cystic acne, disruptive GI symptoms, brain fog and exhaustion to name a few. After seeing many specialists who treated my symptoms but not the root cause, I began working with a nauturopath and learned I had some serious food sensitivities (dairy, eggs)  and would need to change how I ate to get back to feeling my best. 

I began eating plant based and my life changed. My symptoms slowly started to disappear (our bodies are NOT Amazon Prime) and my energy returned. As did my happiness. I’d love to tell you it was easy, but it wasn’t. Eating differently than most of the population is no picnic. Trying to figure out how to get the right macronutrients and vitamins using Dr. Google was pretty overwhelming. 

That’s why I decided to leave my corporate marketing career and go back to school to study nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I graduated in 2017. Since then, I have helped over 100 clients navigate inflammation, energy, health concerns and food sensitivities through my coaching sessions. 

I wanted to learn how to help other people change their health through nutrition like I did, but with ease, support and confidence. In 2017 I became a Certified Health & Nutrition Coach through the IAHC. 

In my nutrition coaching at Ossum Wellness, I work with people who want to make lasting changes in their health through nutrition and mindful living. Whether it’s reducing inflammation, lowering high cholesterol, navigating food sensitivities, weight loss or increasing energy levels, together we’ll create a personalized plan to reach your goals. My goal is to help you feel better and live better too. 

When I’m not with clients, you’ll find me on the golf course, in a yoga or Pilates class, or on a long walk with friends with a matcha oat milk latte in hand. 

Dark chocolate is my love language. If I could save all the rescue animals I would. I love dancing in my living room, a long bath and a good book, my morning routine, a spa day, dinner with friends and date nights with my husband. 

As a coach and speaker, I offer individuals inspiration and education to shift my client’s daily habits in a way that results in more energy, productivity and ease. 

You can find me in the clinic on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings. 

I look forward to working with you!