The All-in-One Golf Strength & Flexibility Guide

The All-in-One Golf Strength & Flexibility Guide

If you are a golfer or have a golfer in your life, this is the book for you! Do you return to golf each year and find you haven't improved (besides being rusty from being off all Winter)? Break that pattern and train effectively for golf, so that you can return to the sport each year with great results.

Golf is one of the few sports that frequency of play actually increases with age, however our ability to respond to the physical demands of golf decreases with age. Playing golf does not require high levels of physical fitness, yet poorly conditioned golfers are at a greater risk of injury. Proper conditioning has also been shown to improve golf performance through greater club head speed. Additionally, improved flexibility will translate into greater range of motion on (and off) the golf course and will help to create a more efficient golf swing. Therefore, being able to execute an effective strength and flexibility program is essential to success!

I have been golfing since I was 6 years old and it wasn’t until I started strength training that I noticed a real improvement in my game and especially in my distance. That lead me to create this strength and flexibility guide targeted to golfers. I did some research across different golf platforms to determine the fitness routines among elite golfers and I found some common themes. I brought those themes together, in combination with my knowledge and experience as an Athletic Therapist, to create the All-in-One Golf Strength & Flexibility Guide

The All-in-One Golf Strength & Flexibility Guide is an easy to follow manual to improve your strength, endurance, flexibility and balance tailored to golf. There is minimal equipment required and it can be done in the comfort of your own home. This manual provides detailed instruction on how to perform these movements correctly while keeping injury prevention in mind. Turning this guide into a routine is the key to success and the benefits will translate into your golf game and everyday life.

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