5-Minute Neck Mobility

Try My 5-Minute Neck Mobility Video

This month has been all about neck pain & mobility! We treat a lot of necks at Ossum Wellness and I wanted to provide some education and DIY tools on how to prevent and rehabilitate any neck pain and/or tightness you may be experiencing. 

Check out my 5-minute Neck Mobility Video below! Yes it includes some strength exercises as well. 

Why should I strengthen when the goal is to increase mobility? 

The muscles around the head and neck are working all day long to hold your head up and to support your daily postures. That means they need to be strong in order to do this! If these muscles are weak, that is when tightness and/or injury results because they cannot withstand the stresses you are putting on them. (Hint: this goals for all joints in the body!) 

Try the video below but make sure all movements are pain-free!