5 Ways I Made My Workouts Better

Have you gone to the gym and just felt sluggish the entire time? Heavy legs? Tight hips? Muscle cramps?.. These 5 things I started doing before my workout drastically changed the way I felt during and after my workout! And when I don’t do these things I can definitely notice it in the gym…

  1. Hydrate: On days I know I am going to workout, I up my water intake! This is huge! Prep your body for all the fluids you will lose through sweat. Your body will thank you.
  2. Be conscious of my core. This will make all your movements SO much easier. Doing a squat? Engage your core. Lunges? Engage your core. Push press? You guessed it, engage your core. You will be surprised how strong you are and how much more efficient your movements become. THIS is why I am so passionate about my Glute x Core workout series because I want you all to become as strong and efficient as possible! Register on my website for the ONLINE series and make your core and glute activation stronger and more effective for your active lifestyles!.
  3. Good form: whether you are working out alone or in a group setting, hopefully you (or the instructor) is watching your form. Find a mirror or ask for help!.
  4. Wrist supports: I was finding doing a push up or plank or even gripping the weight was becoming harder, so I ordered weight lifting gloves with wrist support from Amazon and they have been a game changer!..And lastly, my absolute favourite……
  5. My 5-minute foam roll/mobility routine. I make sure to get to the gym early, find the foam roller (these days just bring your own, or do this right before you leave the house), and go! Want to see what I do? Sign up for my email list and get a link to see my pre-workout foam roll & mobility routine. Try implementing one or all of these tips to improve your workouts!

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