My Philosophy as an Athletic Therapist

My philosophy as an Athletic Therapist is to educate you on your injuries, help you build a base of support whether that is glute firing, core activation, postural cues, patellar tracking, you name it!

I don’t believe in throwing you on ‘ice + stim’ and leaving you alone for 20 minutes. I also don’t believe in passing you off to another staff member to fill up the rest of your appointment slot.

Sadly, (but happy they found better quality care) I have had a lot of clients come to me out of frustration for the way they were treated at other clinics! Passed around between clinicians, not truly building rapport with any one clinician, being left on stim for 30 minutes or left to just do their home exercises during what they thought was going to be their treatment!

These are all things you won’t experience at Ossum Wellness. I spend the entire appointment slot with you and your home program is meant for just that, to be done at home!

My goal is to eventually discharge you. As much as I enjoy the company of all my clients, I don’t want to see you forever! The goal is to get you back to your pre-injury function as safely and effectively as I can. That’s not to say you can’t come in for a tune up! But coming for treatment twice a week for 6 months just isn’t my thing! If you’re not better within 4 weeks of seeing me, that’s my sign maybe we need some diagnostic imaging and/or input from your doctor!

In our initial assessment we will make a plan based on your injury, your goals and the current state you are in to get you back to feeling pain-free and able to do the activities/sports you love.

Book your session online today and have an active, pain-free Summer!

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