Glute x Core for New Moms


I am currently testing out my Glute x Core Class with some new moms and so far they are loving it! It has been a great introduction into exercise again since giving birth, while still feeling the burn.

The core and glutes are SO important in terms of injury prevention, which is why I want to share this with class with all the new moms out there!

If you are worried to return to the gym or unsure where to even start, register for my Glute x Core class online. These are pre-recorded classes so you can do them anytime, anywhere! They are 45-minute classes and you will receive 1 new class per week. The goal would be to repeat each class 2-3 times within the week before progressing to the next class.

We start each class teaching you how to properly fire your core and glutes and then move into more therapeutic type strength based exercises. We finish each class with a static stretching circuit to promote recovery.

These are safe yet effective exercises with the goal to improve your core and glute strength to support your joints in the activities you love to do!

Make sure you have been medically cleared by your doctor prior to starting this program!

I am excited to help new moms return to their pre-pregnancy fitness levels while preventing injuries! Register here

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