Is Every Coach a Great Leader?

Has anyone watched the Play Book yet on Netflix? 

Having worked with a lot of different coaches over the years, I have a great deal of respect for coaches on the whole. Learning about the coaches selected for this docu-series was super interesting, and it reminded me about a great coach I was lucky enough to work with!

I have always had an interest in leadership and different leadership styles and I firsthand have witnessed some great coaching.

While I was doing my Masters, I took a course on leadership where I had to interview and write a paper on a leader in my life whom I admired. I chose Defensive Coordinator at the time, now Head Coach of the Hamilton Tiger Cats, Orlondo Steinauer (aka Coach O). It’s also no surprise that he has now become head coach 

I have always respected his calm, cool & collected coaching approach as it takes so much discipline to uphold that in stressful situations. I have also admired his leadership style as doesn’t hesitate to do the not so glamorous tasks that need to get done. The phrase ‘no job beneath me’ is a management trait that I think sends a great message, whatever line of work you are in, which is definitely what Coach O emulated. 

I even remember him helping the therapy staff carry Gatorade jugs inside after practices some days. Its a small gesture but it truly goes a long way

Lastly, I greatly admire individuals who take the more positive approach (in coaching and in life) such as ‘be on time’ versus ‘don’t be late’ 🕚. 

I’ve recently learned Coach O sends out my paper at the beginning of each season to his coaching staff which makes me feel so honoured 

Have you had an admirable coach in the past (or currently?) Also if you haven’t watched The Play Book yet, get on it!!

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