Stretch of the Week #2

A foam roll technique for a release of the Latissimus Dorsi muscle

The latissimus dorsi (otherwise known as the lat) is an often ignored muscle when it comes to flexibility. This is a routine I do before I workout and its so effective! Also feels great before a round of golf (for all the golfers out there!)

You can repeat this 10-15 x per side before a workout or simply hold this position for 20-30 seconds post-exercise.

Notice I am pointing my thumb toward the ground through each repetition. This internal rotation will really help you release some tension! Flexibility work is all about angles, find a direction where you feel tension and stick with it! Once you get some release, change it up!

If you have a foam roller, great! If not, this can be done on a yoga block or a step, just minus the rolling component. You can simply place your arm on the block with the thumb pointed down and gentle bring your shoulder towards the ground

Since we will all be home a little bit more during this time, take this opportunity to get into a good stretching routine! Stock pile the first 2 weeks of my #stretchoftheweek and make it a routine! Routine is the key to success, and take this down time to improve your flexibility!

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