Stretch of the Week # 1

Adductor Stretch

This can be done in reps (as shown in the Facebook video—you could do 10 reps pre-exercise), or you can simply just hold the position for 20-30 seconds, 3x per side (post-exercise).

Remember: dynamic stretches should be done before exercise & longer hold stretches are done after exercise.

By ‘threading the needle’ (bringing the arm under and across the body), we are slightly rotating the pelvis. This movement gives the adductor a little extra stretch while incorporating some T-spine rotation as well!

Coordination tip: the side that the leg is straight, that same arm is threading the needle. Also remember to sit back onto your heel while doing this!

Once you try this stretch it will soon become a favourite! Our adductors are commonly ignored in stretch routines, and tight adductors can lead to added stress on our knees.

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