Scapulothoracic Rhythm

What is it?

This is the way your shoulder blades (scapulo) move relative to your thoracic spine (thoracic) relative to your humerus (arm).

I check this in every shoulder/upper body assessment on my patients. I also am looking for thoracic spine extension in this position as well.

Ever wonder what your shoulder blades look like when they move? Set up your camera and try it out. There should be equal movement of both shoulder blades as you bring your arms up/out to the side and back down. Mine could use some work but awareness is key!

Strengthening the muscles around the shoulder blades that assist in scapular movement is essential. Muscles such as the serratus anterior, rhomboids as well as the upper, middle and lower fiber traps. Strengthening these muscles go hand in hand in shoulder health, and if these muscles are strong and doing their job, you are well on your way to shoulder injury prevention!

If you have been experiencing shoulder pain and think you have “done it all” check in with your shoulder blades!

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