Free Your Fascia

I started reading a book called Free Your Fascia by Dr. Daniel Fenster who is a Chiro in NYC, super interesting read (obviously I have a big interest in fascia) and I learned a few interesting tips!

It’s funny because reading this one of my thoughts is WOW we sure have to do a lot to keep our fascia (and the rest of our bodies) healthy. As he quotes someone saying “sitting is the new smoking”, I picked up on a few good vs bad things to do from this book and the list is overwhelming:

-Don’t sit too much

-Don’t cross your legs or if you do make sure to alternate legs every few minutes

-Drink water

-Don’t drink too much water

-Foam roll


-Sit up tall

-Don’t text too much

-Sit with your feet flat on the floor

-Get a standing desk

And the list goes on. Yes this is all very helpful information, but I think implementing absolutely everything is just unrealistic.

That’s why I tell my clients pick one thing per day, whether that be a stretch, a strengthening exercise, etc. Its not realistic to be perfect. But the road to improvement is great and this book definitely offers a lot of tips for you to do so!

Everytime I read a book I often write down the books that the author references. I have always had an interest in hydration so my next book will be Quench: Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight & Heal your Body Through the New Science of Optimum Hydration.

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