Pre & Post-Surgery Tips

Joint Surgery Rehab

If you are scheduled for upcoming joint surgery (hip, knee, shoulder etc.) make sure to ask your surgeon about REHAB!

I have seen all too often someone gets surgery, does the 1 or 2 exercises the surgeon tells them, and that’s it. As these 1-2 exercises may be very helpful in the short term, it will very likely not give you functional range of motion/strength needed to return to your daily activities.

Your surgeon should have a rehab protocol for your specific surgery and if they do please ask for a copy! At this point try and connect with a rehab professional BEFORE your surgery and give them the surgical protocol (and maybe save a copy for yourself). Often times this includes a few appointments before the surgery and then many more visits afterwards. The surgical protocol acts as a guide for yourself and your rehab professional and sets out targets/goals that you both should be striving for!

Prehab occurs BEFORE your surgery and will very likely give you a better prognosis after surgery. Here we do proper muscle activation exercises and some safe, pain-free strength work, reduce swelling/inflammation (if any), achieve greater range of motion (if applicable), gentle flexibility (if allowed) etc.

Post-op rehab will involve much more frequent visits and will follow the surgical protocol provided by your surgeon. Some of the goals here are to reduce swelling/inflammation, achieve a safe amount of range of motion, perform muscle activation and strengthening exercises, flexibility, achieve proper gait (if applicable) and gradually & safely progress these in the weeks and months ahead.

Make sure you are well prepared before you get your surgery! Ask questions and seek help to ensure you have the best outcome!

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