2021, I’m Coming For You!

While my list for 2021 isn’t full of new things I want to accomplish, I do want to expand on some of the practices I have been doing this year such as: 

  1. Keep moving and add some variety to my movements throughout the week: weight lifting, lagree (pilates), yoga, walking, running!
  2. Stay hydrated (more tips coming from my current read Quench! Already learning such great tips that I will share with you all)
  3. Eat a variety of colours of fruits and veggies daily
  4. Walk more! Getting my daily steps up
  5. Work on my golf game, and more importantly golf more
  6. Taking time every week to do an intentional mobility session..
  7. Continue my professional development: continuing education courses, more consistent educational reading and weekly research into current Athletic Therapy practices/treatments etc.
  8. Stop complaining/venting (currently listening to Think Like a Monk audiobook, already by some of his points)..
  9. Keep reading : my list of books for 2020 was very lengthy, and I am going to continue the streak into 2021..
  10. Experiment in the kitchen:  I have been trying different recipes the last few months and hope to expand my cooking horizons this year (currently LOVING the cookbook Eating Out Loud by Eden Grinshpan) 
  11. Learn more about wine
  12. Be grateful: something we probably all learned in 2020.

What are you going to focus on (or continue to do) in 2021?

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