Lacking Confidence?

Here are some tips to improve your confidence when returning to your activity or sport after injury:

  1. STRENGTH: Proper strength training and progressions is adamant before returning to your sport after injury. Make sure your exercises remain challenging! If you run out of ideas to do this, make your movements single leg or single arm, and also you can add plyometrics (jumping)
  2. SPORT SPECIFIC MOVEMENTS: Hockey player? Try doing some stick work on pavement. Go for a light skate. Implement some light stick work while on the ice. And progress from there!
  3. EASE INTO IT: never go 0-100. If you have been off running for a year, don’t run 10 km your first time back! Start slow and work your way back

If you are lacking confidence, there is likely a reason! Don’t return to your sport uneasy as it could lead to changing your technique and increasing your risk for re-injury.

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