Client WIN Wednesday

Client WINS can be big or small! To me the small ones mean the most because sometimes it is everyday things that can change ever so slightly but make such a big impact!

My first client WIN involves a participant of my Glute x Core Class. He is an avid runner and by the time we finished the series he could notice his glutes activating during his runs which translated to stronger, better runs! This was music to my ears

When it comes to glute firing awareness if the first step! So to watch him learn how to fire them, to completing the classes each week, to then him taking what he learned to his specific sport….IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!!!

A lot of runners get caught up in not strength training because well, they run! That should be enough right?

Strength training combined WITH your running will make a HUGE difference! It will not only prevent injury but it will help make you become you a stronger, better runner. Of course practicing running contributes to this too

Would love to hear a WIN you have had recently!

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