“I don’t have time”

A few years ago I had the opportunity work at Purolator to treat employees before/after their shift. I would treat the employees who would load the trucks (night shift), the couriers as well as the managers. I truly gained a whole new appreciation for those involved in the courier services industry.

Do you ever wonder the behind the scenes work that goes into delivering your packages?

Many of these employees dealt with chronic pain, however I couldn’t exactly say: “take this week off of work”. I had to give them tips and strategies so that they could get manage their pain throughout the week. Many of them first hand saw the benefits that the treatment and exercise programs had on their daily tasks and they could get through their work with a bit more ease and definitely less pain!..Everyday I preached to these employees to implement a ROUTINE. And I quickly heard the answer: “I don’t have time”

They were SO tired after their day either loading trucks or doing 100+ deliveries in a day. So I asked them to just incorporate one thing per day, or even one thing per week to help alleviate their pain…What is 1 or 2 things you know you should or at least could be doing but the week goes by so fast you forget to do it? Set your timer for 1 minute and do those 1 or 2 things. Try this daily but incorporate a different movement each day, and soon enough you will have the start of a pretty good routine on your hands!

Book in today if you are ready to gain the tools to help you become pain-free FOR GOOD!

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