Why Not You?

I have been listening to the Life Coach School Podcast over the last few months and Brook Castillo has a LOT of powerful insight. One that struck me recently was a topic on her episode called Creating Emotion. She goes on to discuss “Why Not You?” Why not you be the one who is the success story? Why not you be the one who does the exceptional thing?

We are so limited by our thoughts and beliefs that we so easily believe that we CAN’T achieve something. I CAN’T do that 10k run, I CAN’T go to an exercise class by myself. I CAN’T live without pain. 

Many of us are programmed to think we can’t do x,y,z because of our thoughts. A lot of Brooke’s teachings are the way we THINK about things.

I experienced this first hand a few years ago. I have been an on again off again runner for a long time. I never really ran over 5k or so. I had been asked countless times: “how far do you run?” And my answer was always: “I will never run over 5k.” I didn’t actually have a specific reason for that. I didn’t have an injury, I didn’t have some physical limiting factor. It was just a thought I always had and never had a desire to go beyond 5k.

So, my New Years resolution in 2018: run a 10k!

And boom! Just like that. I ran two 10k races in June 2018 (3 days apart, which I do not recommend!!).

I realized while training for the 10k, it has been my mindset holding me back for all these years. I believed I couldn’t run more then 5k, so I didn’t. Once I broke through that barrier, 10 k wasn’t so bad after all!

Do you find you commonly find excuses for yourself as to WHY you can’t do something? The more confident we become in our selves in multiple aspects of our life, the more we will believe we can achieve certain things!

I respect knowing our bodies’ limits. However, not seeking help for an injury or chronic pain and not doing the activities you love or not even letting yourself try is a sad reality a lot of us face. I want to challenge you to think, I CAN do that 10k, I CAN walk up the stairs at work, I CAN go for a hike. And once you unleash the power of believing, your body will take care of the rest!

Remember to ask yourself: Why not you?

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