What do your Rehab Appointments Look Like?

I had a new client last week who explained their last several weeks of rehab at another clinic where the 30 minute appointment looked like this:

1) 10 minutes of heat

2) 5-8 minutes of ultrasound 

3) Perform rehab exercises

4) ???

These types of sessions are so discouraging and ultimately leads the patient to seek help elsewhere (as in thus case) or just give up and accept their pain is here to stay 🤕

My philosophy:

1) Rehab exercises are done at home (some mobility exercises are done at end of session to reap more benefit from the treatment)

2) Any modalities are used before or after the appointment session (I will tell my patient to come early and can sit with heat in waiting area before we get started if indicated) 

3) I spend the entire duration of the appointment with the patient

So, what do your rehab appointments look like? 🤔

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