Stretch of the Week #8: Quad Foam Rolling

Quad Foam Rolling

This is a fun one (you may question my definition of fun)!

I love using the foam roller, and the quads can become SO tight with the activities we do. Tight quads can put a lot of pressure on the knee and its important to keep the quads flexible to alleviate and prevent knee pain.

Foam rolling allows you to do a self-myofascial release. Myo=muscle & fascia=connective tissue, so myofascia = connective tissue around our muscles. Our fascia can become very tight and I like to foam roll first prior to stretching, to help release some of the fascial adhesions first.

You can foam roll the quads either both at a time (less intense) or foam roll one at a time (more intense). Try and roll the entire length of the quad (don’t get caught just doing a small section in the middle!) Aim for 10 passes of each quad. If it’s too painful, use a softer foam roller and do both legs at the same time to start. Foam rolling gets easier the more you do it, so practice makes perfect!

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