Stretch of the Week #4

Thoracic Spine (T-Spine) Rotation

I’m going to stop starting each one of these posts saying “I love this stretch” because that is why I started #stretchoftheweek! To share with you all how much I LOVE stretching and give you the best at home tools for success!

I prescribe this T-spine rotation to many clienta I treat with shoulder pain. MANY of us could benefit from some more thoracic spine movement in our day!

Unlike the Cat-Cow stretch, which targets thoracic spine flexion and extension, this movement targets thoracic rotation!

Try a circuit of cat-cow and this thoracic spine rotation. This would make for a great morning mobility session! Although when I get to the gym extra early I incorporate this into my warm up!

You can do 15-20 rotations per side.

Your T-spine will be happy after this one!! (Especially with all of the sitting/desk time we are putting in these days). Don’t ignore your mid back stiffness any longer!

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