Low Back Pain

Have you struggled with low back pain and unsure where to turn, or only getting temporary relief? Don’t accept your pain, find a solution that works for you!

In my Athletic Therapy practice, I always start with the basics: I want to build a base for my patients and build up from there. This is learning how to fire your core and your glutes properly, then we can move into more challenging therapeutic exercises. I do not skip this step, as it is very effective; it will translate into your daily life and physical activity making your body move as efficiently as possible.

Core: A common dysfunction among many people comes from the hip flexors: the hip flexors fire instead of the core and as a result, tight hip flexors can result. This can actually tilt the pelvis forward causing strain on the lower back.

Glutes: You should be able to contract 1 glute at a time. You use your glutes in every step you take throughout the day (or at least you should be!). If you are having trouble firing your glutes, other structures will take the load such as the hamstrings or the low back. As a result, injury to these structures is common as they are taking on a stress they were not designed to take.

In addition to poor glute activation, the glutes can be very tight from overuse and can also add stress to the lower back, resulting in pain.

With all injuries, we want to create a balance. What is tight? What is weak? Lets take pressure off of the injured area while strengthening the muscles around it to help support that joint.

If you want to learn how to properly fire your core and glutes, join us in the 4-week Core x Glute class! NEW DATES! Monday March 9, 16, 23 and 30 at Journey Yoga from 5:45 pm- 6:30 pm!

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