How Do I Know I Should See an Athletic Therapist?

When I talk to people in the community, this is commonly what I hear: “I’m not an athlete, so I can’t see an Athletic Therapist.”

Athletic Therapists (ATs) treat active individuals, or as I like to say we treat the “active population”, with goals that could be to walk pain-free down the street. Walking is an activity, and we as Athletic Therapists can help you reach that goal. I have treated individuals from age 8 all the way to age 75, and all of them have very different goals.

Conversely, many of us have experience with elite athletes, in my case I worked 3 years with the Hamilton Tiger Cats. Here I learned how to execute a true sport medicine approach to injury and I have been able to utilize that in the private clinical setting.

Our bread and butter as Athletic Therapists is musculoskeletal injuries: muscles, bones, ligaments and joints. If you have an injury to one of those structures, we are here to help.

Prior to booking in with an Athletic Therapist, make sure you are coming for a musculoskeletal injury (muscle, bone ligament or joint injury) and know we can help with any activity goal you may have!

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