Eat To Beat Disease

I am SO excited to read this book by Dr. William Li. I actually saw Tom Brady post an article from this author and thought Hmmmmm…lets see what this is all about.

Dr. William Li is a MD (Internist) and lists about 200 foods throughout his book you should implement more regularly. Some of the chapters include: Microbiome, DNA protection, Immunity and many others!

This is a HUGE book, so it will take me a while to get through, but so far I am excited to introduce new foods/drinks into my regularly weekly meals. 

A healthy lifestyle, diet, hydration etc affects injury healing! Eating a variety of fruits, vegetables of all different colours is important to how our body functions and in turn how our body heals. What do you think you could add (or take away) that could help improve your overall health? This book may offer you some ideas! 

Have you implemented anything new into your diet/lifestyle and noticed any health benefits? 

For me? Sauerkraut. Fermented foods are so beneficial for our bodies. But I anticipate introducing new foods in my future!

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