Can you fire your core?

I grew up golfing, and when I started to finally train with a focus on core strength and full body movements, I noticed a huge change in my golf game. Once I started lifting heavier weights, my distance on the golf course increased significantly. This made me realize how important your core strength is, and a lot of the power in your golf swing comes from the hips/core in your rotation from your backswing into your downswing.

As an Athletic Therapist, I have treated athletes from a wide variety of sports: gymnastics, hockey, football, golf, ultra marathon running and ultra-swimming, and core strength is so important in all of them. If the core is activating and working properly, other structures can do their job accordingly. If the core isn’t firing, other areas will take the load (which they are not designed to do).

If you are new to core activation, I find you have to be very conscious of it at first. Once it becomes natural to activate your core, you will easily implement it into all of your movements of daily life. If you are about to pick up something, fire your core. If you are about to reach for something overhead, fire your core. A strong core plays a major role in our life. This is the goal of my Athletic Therapy sessions is for the progress you make in the clinic and in your respective sport, be translated to your daily life.

Additionally, the core is very important in injury prevention. A typical phrase I hear in the clinic: “I throw my back out once a year”. My FIRST thought is the core! I tell these patients that I want to prevent those once per year incidents, and that starts with the core. I teach them how to activate their core and let them master it. Then I progressively challenge their core through a variety of different exercises. I recommend doing these exercises all year round—or if you happen to ‘fall off’ of them, to always have them as a resource!  There are other factors that go into low back pain, and I address those in my Athletic Therapy sessions as well, however the core is the common culprit that is lacking in most individuals.

When I come back to the golf season every year, the core is the first thing I think about. As I set up to the ball I allow myself to think of one thing before I hit. And in April, it is mostly: fire my core. I actually feel a gust of energy push me through my swing when I am conscious of my core, and my increased distance shows for it.

Clearly core strength has a variety of functions in our daily life, and is important in every sport or activity we do! Learn how to fire your core properly, and continuously challenge yourself in your exercises.

Unsure where to start? Come learn proper core (and glute firing) techniques that you can implement into your life in my Glute x Core Workout Series. I will check each individual in the class to ensure they are properly firing their core, and give you progressively challenging exercises each week. Sign up on on my website under the Fitness Integrated Therapy Tab!

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