Are you pro-active? Or constantly playing catch up

I’m a big advocate for being pro-active. I find as a society on the whole, we all play catch up in one facet of life or another: sleep, exercise, stretching, hydrating, you name it.

The one thing I love about Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is that I can work with individuals who are not necessarily recovering from an injury. The people who seek FST (in my experience) are those who are tired of being tight and are looking for a solution, before they get hurt. At the end of their session we go over several stretches that they should work on, and I try to create a routine for them.

Routine is a word I use a lot in my Athletic Therapy clinic, because I try to create a routine for all of my patients: whether they are injured or not. Being pro-active i.e. stretches, activation exercises, hydration whatever it may be, will help prevent injury and will also translate into your daily life.

If you are not habitual with stretching, rehab exercises, hydration, nutrition etc., you will not see results! I often have to explain this when I treat someone and they come back for follow up without doing their home program. We have all been there. But if I put in 30 minutes of treating you, you should also put in 30 minutes for yourself: exercises, stretching, or whatever was prescribed. That way you know you put in your all, and if you still aren’t getting better then we need to dig a little deeper into your injury. Discover the endless benefits of seeing an Athletic Therapist today!

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