Do You Strength Train?

I treat a ton of runners, cyclists, swimmers, golfers, you name it. And a common thing I see is the lack of strength training! Strength training is only going to help you! Will it not only make you stronger at your particular sport/activity, it will help to prevent any injuries!

The thing I have seen all too often in my career: Big event coming up (road race, triathlon, etc). and an injury occurs 6 weeks prior to race day. We try and do everything we can to help reduce pain, allow the individual to keep training etc. And often they have to withdraw from the event. It is heartbreaking as a therapist to see this, and yes sometimes it’s a fluke accident. . . Other times it could have been prevented! Keep up with your strength training and recovery days, especially if you are training for an event! .

Book online and together we will create you an injury prevention routine you can stick with!

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