Strength & Mobility Class for Shoulder Pain



Do you have shoulder or wrist pain? Or reduced range of motion or strength in these joints?

Join us for a 4-week workout series focusing on shoulder and wrist injury prevention. We will combine a variety of strength, mobility and flexibility techniques into a 45-minute therapeutic workout. We will also focus on scapular control and posture to ensure we can help alleviate pain and/or prevent the onset of injury.

The shoulder is the most mobile joint of the body, which is why it is the most susceptible to injury. Our society on the whole has a very forward posture: sitting at our desk, looking at our phone etc. This causes poor posture, tight chest muscles and weak back muscles. This workout series is designed to help correct all of those imbalances to either prevent the onset of injury or help rehab a current injury.

The wrist also takes quite a bit of load throughout our day and in our activities. We use our hands daily in a variety of tasks, and also exercises like push ups and planks, as well as gripping motions can put a lot of stress on our wrists. We will go over some mobility and strengthening exercises for the wrist to help make our daily tasks easier and pain-free.

This workshop will create a safe environment to perform rehabilitative exercises. The strength, flexibility and overall mobility you will achieve from this program will be translated into your other activities to create pain-free and better quality movement.

If you have been working through or ignoring your shoulder and/or wrist pain, this is the class for you!


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