I’m an Athletic Therapist

Over the last 8 years of being an Athletic Therapist, I think I’ve been called almost every title in the book:


Massage Therapist


The Stretcher

And the list goes on…

At the beginning of my career this didn’t bother me too much. I just let it roll off my back..Often times it was dependent on the environment I was in. I would think to myself: “Is it worth correcting them?”

Nowadays I make sure I own my title as an Athletic Therapist. That’s who I am, and it’s a profession I am VERY proud of!

Speak up and stick to your guns! Whatever profession you are in, I think it’s important to own who you are and what you do!!

New Offering: Custom Mobility Plans

Are you someone who: 

1️⃣ Doesn’t stretch on a regular basis 

2️⃣ Aren’t sure which stretches to do for your specific problems

3️⃣ Wants your mobility to actually translate to your activities/sports and everyday movements? 

If this sounds like you, then a Custom Mobility Plan is for you 🙆‍♀️

What does a Custom Mobility Plan entail?

✅ We will set up a 30 minute virtual or in-person appointment go over your areas of concerns, what activities you do etc. 

✅ We will do some movements either on camera or in person to see what your existing mobility looks like

✅ I will design and film you a custom mobility plan that you can do whenever and wherever you wish!

✅ This video will range anywhere from 15-30 minutes, your choice! I want this to be something you can easily implement into your week

Through a Custom Mobility Plan, I want you to feel your best and be able to enjoy your favourite activities or sports with ease!

Learn more and register here

Build in a Recovery Session Each Week

I treat a lot of active individuals and their schedules are full of their favourite sports/activities. This is where a recovery session comes in handy!

Here is a sample of what my week activity-wise looks like. Week to week it could look a little different (more golf preferably), but I always make sure to throw in at least 1-2 recovery sessions. 

Prioritize a recovery day in your schedule. Whether that means a light bike ride and a stretch, a walk, yoga, or just foam rolling in front of the TV one night. This will go a long way!

What Activities Would You Like to do if you Weren’t Injured?

When I assess an injury, one of the questions I like to ask is “What activities or sports would you LIKE to do if you didn’t have this injury?” 

And that’s what I help them try to achieve

For instance if the goal is a push up and the client isn’t confident or is unable to put weight into their shoulder, I like to start with this sequence: weight shifts, move into shoulder taps and progress from there.

Disclaimer: If you have a shoulder injury, please get medically cleared prior to trying this sequence

What are your activity goals and what could be getting in your way?

Book an appointment to get to the bottom of your injury/pain and lets get you back doing what you love!