Stretching: Am I Doing Enough?

Flexibility is a passion of mine, as inflexibility can lead to so many issues.  The biggest problem I have found is that people don’t stretch

In my clinical experience, I found out real quickly how much people accept pain, especially chronic pain, as their “normal”. They make the pain part

When I talk to people in the community, this is commonly what I hear: “I’m not an athlete, so I can’t see an Athletic Therapist.”

Hiking in Alberta

Got Out To The Mountains Last Weekend and Did A Ton Of Hiking! Prior To Moving To Alberta I Thought I Knew What A Hike

I’m an Athletic Therapist

Over the last 8 years of being an Athletic Therapist, I think I’ve been called almost every title in the book: Physio Massage Therapist Trainer

Are you someone who:  Doesn’t stretch on a regular basis  Aren’t sure which stretches to do for your specific problems Wants your mobility to actually