At Ossum Wellness we are committed to your quality care. Through Athletic Therapy, we strive to keep you healthy and active to reach all of your activity goals. Whether you are looking to rehabilitate or prevent an injury, improve your flexibility, or get back to the activities you love, Ossum Wellness is here!



Assessment & treatment of injuries involving muscles, bones, ligaments & joints


Fascia is the covering of our muscles throughout the entire body. FST targets the fascia in a full body or half body stretch to improve overall flexibility and range of motion


These online classes  help to bridge the gap between injury rehab & fitness. Learn proper muscle activation cues & functional therapeutic exercise 


Achieve greater flexibility and translate these benefits to your activities and sports


At Ossum Wellness, we treat musculoskeletal injuries, and thus, our cupping will be targeted to those structures.


Feeling apprehensive to return to your activities after an injury? Find the right brace or compression support through this complementary consult


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Book online at one of my 3 locations: Dynamic Motion Golf Performance, Downtown Calgary & Yoga Santosha Mission

Be pro-active in your journey to become pain-free

About Me

Hi! I’m Megan.
I'm an Athletic Therapist, Fascial Stretch Therapist & Author.

I am passionate about educating my clients on the importance of strength & flexibility work to help achieve their goals. Become more active & pain-free while keeping injury rehabilitation & prevention at the forefront.

Live an active & pain-free life!


What Clients Are Saying

"After trying so many other types of treatment including doctors, chiro, massage and other therapists, Megan finally resolved my lower back pain and hip issues. Her knowledge, passion and ability to empathize with her clients is unmatched"


“Megan is very professional, knowledgeable and kind. Her level of service is excellent and she always explains everything in detail and gives you great tips, advice and exercises to do in between her sessions which is really helpful."


"Megan is highly recommended. She helped me with an elbow injury that was interfering with my ability to play competitive golf. She is technically very knowledgeable and her lovely personality makes a long-term treatment something to look forward to"


"I recently completed Megan's Glute x Core program. As soon as I started I realized I had some right sided weakness. After the 4-week program I feel I have re-balanced my glute activation strength and I also have improved core and glute engagement within my regular activities. I feel this program has and will continue to help improve my performance and overall physical well being"