Since suffering a back injury as the result of a car accident back in 2010, I have had chronic pain. Being a professional golfer, this hindered my ability to practice, and play at the level I expected of myself. 

After moving to Canada, I saw an array of therapists before finding Megan. When I got to her, I was at a point where I could hardly walk, and as a professional athlete of 31 yrs of age, that was less than ideal. 

Her treatments took affect from the first visit, and after only a few short months, I was pain free and able to manage the injury myself with knowledge and exercises taught to me by Megan.  I was back playing competitive golf and was able to Captain both Australia (my home country) and Canada (my adopted home) in several international events. 

I could not recommend Megan more!! 

Emma, Assistant Golf Professional at Hamilton Golf and Country Club

Megan is amazing at what she does! She has helped me through every injury I’ve had. I highly recommend Ossum Wellness!!


Megan is incredible! The fascial stretching is particularly helpful!


I recently met Megan who introduced me to this full body approach of FST that manipulates the body into a number of different stretches to target fascia. For my hour long session with Megan I was instructed to wear comfy clothes. Her work space in Bridgeland has a beautiful mural on the wall, ample natural light and tranquil blue paint. I had just finished an hour ride and 30 minute run and was looking forward to learning about FST and quite honestly, laying down for an hour!

It’s an interesting, and quite pleasant, experience unique from massage in that both therapist and client are both actively moving the entire session. It’s both relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

-Mary, Lynx Triathlon Coach

My Experience with Ossum Wellness is always first class. Being a retired athlete, however still very active, Megan helps me to maintain proper strength and prevents me from any further injuries. Her treatment, advice and stretching allows me to continue to do the things I love to do, which is play golf, work out and ski. Thank you Megan!


Megan is highly recommended. She helped me with an elbow injury that was interfering with my ability to play competitive golf. She is technically very knowledgeable and her lovely personality makes an extended long-term treatment something to look forward to rather than dread


I have problems with flexibility and joint soreness. Megan treated me when she was in Hamilton and made a big difference in my life. I had pain getting out of bed in the morning and tying my shoes was incredibly difficult. I felt a change after one session with Megan and significant improvement after three sessions. I’d still be seeing Megan once a week if she was here. Hamilton’s loss is Calgary’s gain.


My experience with Megan was amazing from start to finish! I went to see her for a longstanding knee issue that I thought would never be resolved. Thanks to Megan’s helpful exercises and in-person treatments my pain has decreased significantly, and I have been able to resume activities that I had been avoiding for years. She is a highly skilled and knowledgeable therapist and working with her has drastically improved my quality of life. I recommend her wholeheartedly.


I came to Megan after I had surgery to repair 3 full tissue tears in my left rotator cuff – her treatment and exercise recommendation allowed me to gain confidence in my shoulder and i was able to return to playing golf without any issues whatsoever – I have since come to Megan for other “aches and pains” and she was able to assist with these as well – I highly recommend Megan for all of your injury needs – as an Athletic Therapist, Megan understands that we all want to get back to doing the things that we like


As a teacher, figure skater and golfer, I spend a lot of time on my feet. When I experienced some bouts of plantar fasciitis, Megan successfully used a variety of treatments and stretches to help me get back to the activities I love, as quickly and safely as possible. She is always there to check in with and she offers advice and maintenance exercises to prevent further injury, even from provinces away. Thanks Megan!


Your book has helped me so much this Summer! I do the pre-golf routine almost every time I golf, and try to do the post-golf stretches but am not as diligent. I was planning to do more of the exercises from the book over the Winter to keep me in golf ready shape. The warm up exercises definitely made a difference in my game. It has helped my rotation and prevented me from being stiff afterwards. The few times I golfed I was in a bit of a rush and neglected to do them and I noticed a big difference in my flexibility!!


Megan ran a golf workshop for pre and post-golf routines that I attended with my friends. We had a great time. She was knowledgeable and helped teach great workouts and movements tailored to my golf swing. Using her program has greatly improved my game and the fun I can have out on the course. Thanks Megan!