Recommended Products

This is my favourite foam roller as I love the density of it. I prefer the long foam rollers over the half ones to do more upper body rolling techniques.

This foam pad is great for balance exercises, as well as knee support when doing hip flexor/adductor stretches
These mini bands can be used for a variety of exercises, monster walks, clam shells, bilateral external rotation (shoulders). Very versatile!
This is a trigger point release ball that can be placed on the ground or wall for different muscle release techniques
One of my favourite new reads! Shawn Achor explains how working together and being creative/collaborative is so beneficial in all facets of life
This strap can help push yourself a little more in your stretches. It is great for hamstring and quad/hip flexor stretching.
BOSU balls help create a more challenging workout and test your balance. I perform lots of plyometric and agility type movements with the BOSU ball for late stage rehabilitation.