The Most Prevalent Injury in Golf…

What are you doing to prevent injury?

With the golf season within reach, NOW is the perfect time to get your body moving more regularly to get ready for golf and more importantly to prevent any injuries!

Here are a few options:

  1. Get your copy of the All-in-One Golf Strength & Flexibility Guide on Amazon

2. Register for my Fitness Integrated Therapy (F.I.T.) Classes. If you are struggling with lower back pain I highly recommend my Glute x Core class

3. Book a 1:1 treatment session with me, whether you are struggling with an injury or looking to improve your flexibility.

Lets start the 2021 golf season strong and pain-free

Benefits of Exercise

Now more then ever I am feeling a positive mental shift after a workout. Which just goes to show that the benefits of exercise are ENDLESS!

I had this flashback to university yesterday reading articles comparing X intervention(s) to an exercise only group….and the exercise group always seemed to prevail in one way or another

If you’re having a bad day, I encourage you to get moving! It doesn’t have to be a hard workout. Go for an extra long walk or set your timer for 10 minutes and pick 4 exercises to do and do each one for 1 minute

I can’t WAIT for gyms to open up here in Alberta so I can get back into my regular routine! But for now I am moving whenever I can

What are you doing to stay active?

FREE 28 Day Stretch & Hydration Challenge

Is your body stiff/sore?

Do you have low energy?

Are you tight ALL THE TIME?


What’s involved?

  1. 30 minute (pre-recorded) full body mobility video to do 3 times per week
  2. Drink at least 2 L of water per day, with some tips on how to make your hydration more effective
  3. Track how you feel each weekly: How does my body move and feel? How was my sleep last night? Have my activities/movements become easier? Have my energy levels changed?


What you need:

  • Chair
  • Yoga Mat

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We start Feb 15!